Beware of Internet Writing Scams and Online Predators

Posted on Jan 11 2012 - 10:50am by Sidrah Zaheer

There are many websites online which provide opportunities for writing and earning from home. There are content writing companies too, which provide content to clients according to their needs usually to drive more traffic to their websites and to promote their products. Content writing has become a professional industry on its own. But then there are internet writing scams too.

One should always be aware of such false and pretentious companies that say they will pay you and make writers work on tons of material only in the end denying them the whole payment. There are many such online writing companies seeking victims every day. Those who are new to such online freelance writing often fall as their prey.

One such writing company that was discovered to be a scam is Exclusive Writer run by Ali Hasnain Bokhari. They also have a Facebook Page. It is an essay mill company that basically writes all kinds of academic papers. Essay mills are themselves illegal because they spread plagiarism. They say they are committed to their customers and ask them huge amounts of money to fulfill their academic assignments. They don’t even deliver the right papers and even run away not paying the academic writers.

For those who are new, and even who are not new, to internet writing should remain aware of such hoax companies as the Exclusive Writer. Since there is no properly organized body that can catch such internet crimes, they get away on the loose. There are many online compliant centers too where you can help catch such law-breakers. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), FBI’s Internet Fraud site, Pakistan’s FIA and other such cybercrimes registration websites help in stopping their victimization from these online predators.

Online writing scams

Online writing scams to trap you

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