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I was busy for last some months. So, I couldn’t give enough time to You might face some difficulties because nobody replied your comments.  In last some days, I was checking the comments of There were many comments like download link is not working, link broken etc. But when I checked the comments I was amazed to see that the links were working then, I think about that and then I reached at the conclusion that visitors may have problem while downloading. You may think that how they can have a problem while downloading yes that’s the point. As you already know we provide you all the premium applications, games, themes, live wallpapers for your Android Device for free. But we don’t get enough response and revenue to keep providing you the latest contents up to date. That’s the reason we are using to increase our revenue. And you may have a problem about that. My today’s tutorial is about that topic. Today I will show you how to download from while we have script.

What is ADF Advertisement?

Yes, after reading the above introduction paragraph the first thing arises in our mind is that “What is ADF advertisement?” So let me first of all tell you that what ADF advertisement is? is an URL shortening service and a leading advertisement website allows the publishers to generate revenue by showing them advertisement one every time they click on the any link (URL) present on your website. It may be inbound link, download link or may be any other link. It depends on you which type of advertisement you want on your website. Usually every one uses only the ads to be shown whenever the visitor clicks on download link. We also use such script that only shows ad for 5 sec whenever you click on the download link of any application.

How to Download From

Now, I will show you how to skip the ads and download the any application from Just follow the steps given below:

  • Open any application, game or personalization post from Let’s open this one.
  • At the bottom of the post you will see download link. As shown in the screen shot.Click On Download.
Download Link In Post
  • Then this screen of will appear before you.
  • Don’t do anything else just wait for 5 sec. as mentioned on the right top side of the advertisement screen.
  • After waiting 5 sec. click on skip this ad .
  • Now, you will be redirected to the site hosting that file.
  •  Just click on the download button (if you have a premium account) if not then go for free download and after waiting a few second download your file.

From the Author’s Desk:

Being an author, I personally suggest you to support us by viewing these ads and help us to generate more and more revenue so that we can hire more authors and provide you the latest applications for you Android devices for free. Without your support we may not be able to provide you the more up to date applications. And we hope that you will help us to generate revenue and support us to keep you providing the latest contents. That would be really better for you as well as us. Subscribe us to get the latest contents in your inbox by email and follow us on twitterfacebookg+ for more. Thanks for visiting and keep us on visiting and still if you have any problem feel free to ask.

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