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Posted on Feb 21 2011 - 12:49pm by Admin

Today at 5:00GMT (Pakistani 10:00 Am) ACCA announced result for Dec2010 attempt.And with in 10 to 15 mins ACCA server was crashed and was unable to respond all quires.According to ACCA they have 404,000 all around the world. Some of them were opted for reeving result via email but many of them were not. So until now its been 8 hors and there server are still down and students are not able to see there results.

A organization like ACCA should have the best servers.

After 4 hours ACCA Give a note on there facebook page which is given below.

You can access your result by visiting this websit.

“Hi everyone,

As we’re sure you can understand, traffic to our servers is incredibly high this morning – students who sat December exams are trying to access their results at the same time. As a result, you may be experiencing delays in accessing We apologise for the inconvenience. We know it can be frustrating to have to wait to find out your results, but please be patient. We are working very hard to make sure as many people as possible can access our servers.

Please note that all results requested by email have been issued by ACCA.

If you have opted to receive your results by email, you should receive them by 4pm UK time as stated in the opt in service – however this is dependent on your service provider.

We’ll keep you informed of any changes


What You Say they charge you so much don’t you think they should provide you quality of service?


after 10 hours ACCA update its status on facebook and they are still is what they say…

“Hi again everyone,

We’re really sorry for all of you that are still waiting to find out your result. We know that you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and having difficulty getting onto our website is stressful. We are working very hard to restore access, but until then please be patient. If you’re still waiting for an email notification, please note that all emails were sent out early this morning; you may want to check your spam filter or contact your internet service provider to find out where your email has got to.


3rd Update:

ACCA’s Website is now back online after 16 hours.

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